Dai, Long

I actually. Hazel

1 . In what ways are Hazel's customers probably to judge the standard of her garden care solutions? -Though Hazel is new on mowing and trimming lawns, your woman had great reputations that attract many neighbors to switch to her.

2 . Hazel is the procedures manager of her business. Among her responsibilities happen to be forecasting, products on hand management, organizing, quality assurance, and maintenance. a. What kinds of issues would likely need forecasts?

-Thing that requires predicting is when ever will the yards grow taller again.

b. What inventory products does Hazel probably possess? Name one particular inventory decisions she has for making periodically. -She must have lawn mower, is known as a type of equipment that accustomed to cut lawns. This equipment is very critical to her organization because this is among the most used in her business.

c. What scheduling must she carry out? What things might happen disrupt agendas and trigger Hazel to reschedule? -I suggest that booking must completed day before the service, to avoid cancellation of schedule or any disruption. -Long time reservation might cause dysfunction because the clients won't know very well what will happen at a later date. For example , I scheduled that on up coming 3 weeks, suddenly we are out of town it may cause cancellation in the service.

m. How importance is the good quality assurance to Hazel's business? Explain. -Since Hazel is fresh to mowing grass, she has to be able to protect quality for neighbors on her customers will remain and ask on her service the very next time.

e. What kind of protection must be performed?

-Hazel must able to show the customers when is her following service and when shall the service performed.

3. What are some of the trade-offs that Hazel probably deemed relative to: -If I had been Hazel I might be probably be concentrating on increasing the business, since after the initial year of business the organization is going very well, I would likely think of fresh strategies in expanding the business enterprise. Launching an online site will help likewise, since internet...