Alexander the Great is renowned for uniting the known world under his leadership and has exploded to mythical proportions in his leadership abilities and skill at arms. He was also a young leader, brash, irreverent and narcissistic. His endless lust to conquer fresh lands, his growing concerns controlling his drinking great relentless pressing of his army almost all contribute not just in illustrating personal character defects but quite possibly to his death.

In his young life Alexander was tutored by the great Grecian thinker Aristotle. Aristotle is find out for quarrelling that war is only acceptable in pursuit of tranquility, (Lainas) nevertheless Alexander targeted for around the warlike research offered by his educator, having a passion pertaining to the functions of Homer. He also took a duplicate of the Iliad with him on his campaigns. The Iliad is a explain of the hero's of the Trojan viruses war, quite a few flawed individuality such as the anger of Achilles. We can see from the start that Alexander desired struggle and sought to make his name known around the world.

When ever his dad was killed Alexander was crowned california king of the Macedonians. Among his first noble orders would have been to kill his cousin, two Macedonian princes and the basic of his advance military services. He required brutal actions to ensure his regency went uncontested. Once news of those murders, such as king's, became public two separate revolts happened and Alexander, to his credit, put them both down peacefully but with the threat of force. This individual surrounded the Thessalian military services in their sleep and they experienced no choice but to surrender or be massacred and the Athenians sued to get peace as soon as he appeared. It seems he kept his empire through fear not skilled ruling. Alexander then set out to quiet comparable but more compact rebellions along his frontiers, Thebes a great Athens again decided to mutiny. The Athenians again guaranteed down by a show of force however the Thebans struggled and for that their entire city was burned towards the ground.

In his campaign...