American Gothic Literature


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Component 1

Solution the following inquiries in full sentences. (Each question is worth two points)

1 . Why is Fortunato's name ironic in " The Cask of Amontillado"?

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Call him by his name means ‘fortunate' or ‘lucky' and this individual wasn't none. He received tricked into drinking wine that killed him.

2 . How is the following phrase a juga?

The attention doctor tripped and dropped, making a spectacle of himself.

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The word vision because it could mean impressive although also can simply mean some thing happening.

3. How may be the colon inside the following sentence in your essay used incorrectly?

When asked why she didn't complete her chores, Stephanie's explanation was: she was too busy studying.

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Since it is directly after having a verb

four. Write a unique sentence using the word recoil. You may change the part of talk or tense of the expression if needed.

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Sofia forced herself not to recoil, afraid to contact anyone.

Part 2

Answer the following query in one to two paragraphs. Fit worth ten features in total, but partial answers may get partial credit rating. (Each query is worth 10 points)

1 . What is an unreliable narrator? In what way is Montresor coming from " The Cask of Amontillado" an unreliable narrator? Provide 3 examples from the story that explain your answer. How exactly does this character lend to the gothic designs of the tale?

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An difficult to rely on narrator is actually a first-person narrator that for reasons uknown has a compromised point-of-view. Montresor is a unreliable narrator being he is informing a tale showing how he tempted his good friend underground and also his inebriated and remaining him there to expire. The story has been told...