David Ng

English 151A


An experience helped me become more confident in myself

When I got my recently in High school graduation, I was delighted and astonished since the elderly people usually had lots of spare time to take an escape and prepare for college. However , in my high school graduation, I had to do the " quest project” which merged essays and presentations. To tell the truth, I was not really interested in the project mainly because my writing and speaking skills were not my strong points, and also I used to be a timid and gutless guy whom couldn't be comfy talking facing people. There was many difficulties to overcome in order to finish this job, but My spouse and i felt self-assured about likely to college after doing it. The vital thing in my mind after i thought about my " mission project” can be how important the project will be for me after i went to college. I knew I had fashioned to do it, nevertheless I was extremely disappointed since the seniors in a few of the other community High Schools did not need to do anything like these meaningless responsibilities for their graduation. For us, there were to offer somewhere outside the school, and after that write documents to describe the feeling we had experienced doing our volunteer careers. Furthermore, to be able to finish the project, there were to do a Power Point presentation in front of the school's panelists about those knowledge. I thought it absolutely was fine in the beginning although British was not my own mother vocabulary. However , Some have many close friends in the category, and sometimes I did not understand precisely what teacher advised us to do. The result is that my quality was extremely bad. So that it seemed as if the path forward began to poor, and I was afraid I would lose my way. Then I could not have any more awful grades. Therefore , I decided might my instructor for help. As I wandered into his office this individual greeted me with a laugh. His round glasses accented his bronzed oval deal with. He listened attentively while I described my challenges and my insecurities. One thing was clear, whether or not I doubted myself, this man acquired confidence. He told...