At globalization today, a phenomenon that is much worried by nations around the world, international corporations and the press has grown for a while, being the anti-globalization movement. Curiously, anti-globalization that may be springing up vigorously within the world range has become a sort of " globalization" in necessary but owning a different element.

Globalization is one of the hottest concerns debated globally. From the end of the 20th century towards the early with the 21st century, on the other hand the speed of globalization is growing in intensity, on the other hand anti-globalization movements is rolling on with full pressure. As one of the very first concerns of the recent international publicity, anti- globalization motion has been stressed for a while as its birth in Seattle it happened in 1999, followed by those famous events like in Davos in 2000, Washington in 2000, Quebec, canada , city in 2001, Goteborg in 2001 etc . Of course, anti-globalization movements, like the positive effect, has become a great inevitable and objective actuality in the monetary integrity literary works that we must research critically.

Globalization can be described as concept commonly used by kinds of fields although rarely identified. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has presented a general classification for the positive effect as:

The positive effect broadly identifies the explosion of global cordons, the organization of social lifestyle on a global scale, and the growth of global consciousness, hence the consolidation of universe markets (UNDP official internet site,

Anti-globalization refers to oppose globalization. This can be a kind of pejorative term used to describe the " political stance of opposition to the perceived negative aspects of globalization" (Wikipedia wibesite, Anti-globalization is a part of lasting development too, which is likely to prefer regional economic expansion, which matches to the worth of socialism, the common great, anti-corporate, and anti-capitalism. Those who resist on anti-globalization are generally as the minority with the current politics system that is usually recognized to be marginalized by mainstream society because of their strongly " anti-capitalization" sights; mainstream culture across the world happen to be controlled simply by wealthy persons or large corporations, who have are believed by activists as the holders who may have conflicting pursuits with the rest of society.

To know the the positive effect and anti-globalization movement, one more related strategy must be very much concerned, namely multinational organization (MNC). MNC is significant player inside the globalization context, which is defined by Eweje (2005) in the lecture notes like a " business that is based in one nation but features operations in other countries features the primary force behind worldwide of goods, service, economical capital and intellectual capital.

This conventional paper will assessment the anti-globalization events across the world comprehensively and systematically, investigate the characteristics and formats in the movement, examine the motivations and desired goals of the movement, and test the social framework from the participants towards the movement. The paper then will look at the future direction of the activity and forwards considerations against several important topics around the context of economic globalization. Besides, the points by both sides of globalization and anti-globalization will probably be discussed with the conclusion of how to make that to build an incredibly advisable globalized society and economy.

The context of Anti-globalization movements

" Detroit Storm" took place in U. H. A at the end of the November in 1999, was a prologue to anti-globalization activity across the world. Seeing that Seattle, protests have swept across the world, no matter what conferences of the World Bank and International Budgetary Fund, or the other global and regional meetings were held. Protestors were seen from period...