Lamiah Adamjee

Ms. Raymond

English 2 Adv

February 8, 2012

The Unconquerable

Prometheus knows, " So why the best in me have been my sins and my personal transgressions; and why I had not felt sense of guilt in my sins” (Rand 98). This is a crucial part essential part in Prometheus's log. In this passage Prometheus discovers the significance in the single pronoun " I”. Prometheus grows up in an emotionless society packed with fear and lack of knowledge; he under no circumstances knew it absolutely was possible to experience a distinguished identification. This makes him realize what he was starving of, and it makes him realise why he under no circumstances felt responsible for his so called sins. The most excellent discoveries he constructed were viewed as infamous acts; due to these discoveries, society continues to belittle him. His discoveries push the council to grasp the idea that someone provides a higher intellect level than they have. Over the novel Prometheus learns to get strong willed, inquiring, and possess integrity.

Prometheus is a superb example of integrity. He displays great devotion to his research and personal values anytime. From the beginning, Prometheus proves he has an esoteric imagination. Yet , his creativity forces him to go against the rules in the society fantastic brothers. Whilst considering these consequences Prometheus continues to satisfy his dreams in life and stay faithful to what he believes in. Together with his persistence and honesty, Prometheus has remarkable outcomes such as, discovering electricity and differentiating man by society. His relationship with Gaea also exhibits sincerity. From the moment Prometheus meets her he is aware she is the golden 1. He claims, " But we think of one among women, that they whose term is Freedom 5-3000, and we think of simply no others” (38). Although it is forbidden for any man to speak to a woman, Prometheus commits one more transgression if he initiates the conversation with her. He bends the guidelines because he knows in his center that he loves her. Prometheus is definitely...