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22 July 2013

Marilyn Monroe murdered

Marilyn Monroe was murdered and did not commit suicide. Your woman had been included in both of the Kennedy's friends, JFK and Bobby. Bobby Kennedy, San Giaconda, and the like conspired to murder Marilyn Monroe and make that look like a committing suicide to prevent her from heading public about her love affairs with all the Kennedy's brothers. Sam Giaconda was the hired hit guy from the cosca, a crime boss. Suicide is the official cause of death. Marilyn Monroe was found useless fifty 1 years ago about August a few, 1962, at the age of 36. The girl was found inside of her bedroom below circumstances which have been still regarded as mysterious. There is certainly conflicting information by vision witnesses about who discovered Monroe's body system, for example a lot of reports says that your woman was discovered by her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson and several reports claims that it was Eunice Murray, a psychiatric nurse and live in caretaker for Monroe. Precisely what is interesting is definitely Eunice Murray was hire by Dr . Greenson to spy on Monroe, without her knowledge. A lot of detectives investigated the offense scene, nevertheless Sergeant Jack Clemmons was your first to arrive to Monroe's home. Private investigator Clemmons was called " At 4: 25 a. m. Saturday morning, Aug 5, 62. He was a Sergeant of the West La Police Office. He said that he” received a call up that he would never forget. ” Dr . Hyman Engelberg, Marilyn's personal medical professional, told him that your woman (Monroe) experienced committed committing suicide. ”(Bell). Once Detective Clemmons arrived at Monroe's home he was saw " three people – Eunice Murray, Doctor Ralph Greenson and Dr . Hyman Engelberg” (Bell). As soon as the detective seen her human body stretched out on the bed and listened to what they were informing him he knew the story sounded bogus. The assertions taken from three individuals had been very odd and Clemmons was certain that having been not hearing the truth. That they claimed that Marilyn's body system had been uncovered some four hours previously, but that they could not get in touch with the police until 20th Hundred years Fox's advertising department had given them permission. Clemmons also noted that there were no ingesting glass at sex from which Marilyn could have considered the many products that the lady was awarded with swallowing (Bell).

Evident was reinforced with, lacking or lost, the criminal offense scene was compromised, afterwards the investigator noted that someone acquired put a drinking category in the room, that had not been there before, furthermore, her physique appeared to be within a unnatural position for a medicine overdose, it absolutely was like an individual had arranged her through this position after her fatality, a fact that Detective Clemmons noticed when he first appeared to review her loss of life on Aug 5, 62. In spite of many inconsistencies with the eyewitnesses, the crime picture being tempered with, and the investigation was not handled appropriately according to normalcy protocol, the autopsy had not been done appropriately, the loss of life was still dominated a suicide. The official reason for death onto her death qualification states which the probable cause was committing suicide. The loss of life certificate was signed by Dr . Thomas Noguchi from the Los Angeles State Coroner's Workplace. The coroner's office also gives a press conference saying Monroe demands help proceeded to go unanswered on this occasion, unlike the other times she staged suicide. " The record says, " often made suicide efforts and … was willing to fake a committing suicide attempt in order to arouse sympathy. ” A lot of people, educated of that, drawn to induce her for making an attempt and left her to die, the statement suggests” (Bombshell). She was found with all the phone in her hand and the lady had been on the phone talking with Peter Lawford when the girl died. " Robert Kennedy made a telephone call by St . Charles Hotel, Bay area, to Philip Lawford to find out if Marilyn was dead yet, ” the un-named special agent wrote, ” Lawford apparently called and talked with Monroe " then inspected again later on to make sure your woman did not answer”(Bombshell). Phone documents...

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