1 . 1 . Background from the Study

Organization Background

The Fatima's Bakery was placed into business in 1980, founded and implemented by Mrs. Elena Chavis as a only proprietor control business in Malate, Manila Philippines having its primary people are the people of the said town. The Fatima's Bakery sells different types of pastry to supply the requires of the citizen at the local area, nevertheless throughout the age of Chief executive Marcos, the economic position of the food handling business was incredibly tough and experienced shortage in the way to obtain flour because of financial shortage. As a result, the bakery experienced more difficulties in producing enough quantity of pastries and support the demand of the customer. Right now 31 years strong, the Fatima's Food handling business is still in operation under the fresh management with the bakery by simply Mr. Nestor Agno. It absolutely was 1986 when ever Nestor Agno accepted the offer provided by Elena Chavis to be the new administrator in the business. Mister. Agno attended some seminars regarding in baking different varieties of pastries and bread. After subsequent years, Mr. Nestor Agno chose to establish a new branch of Fatima's Bakery that is located for 65 Justicia Street, Arty Subdivision Karuhatan, Valenzuela, Metropolis, and the responsibilities in operating the main bakery was trusted on one of his child. Now, there are four branches of Fatima's Bakery in the country. The name of the food handling business – Fatima's Bakery was derived from the name of Mr. Nestor Agno's girl which is Fatima Agno. Mister. Nestor Agno is also your head baker of Fatima's Bakery. Existing Procedures

The Fatima's Bakery sells different kind of pastries including breads, pies, cakes, doughnuts, cookies and the likes. The bakers baking procedures are done through with a balancing process; to obtain the exact quantity of element the baker needs to make a specific pastry.

Every new baker of Fatima's Food handling business will be educated by the head baker in the bakery. The education will mainly focus on cooking processes, how much ingredients happen to be needed and what materials will be used in baking a particular pastry. This process is used whenever there is a new baker hired, which really usually takes large amount of period. When the brain baker must instruct the other bakers to prepare pastries, orders are put verbally, it is therefore beneficial the head baker is present at most times pertaining to updates and clarifications according to the baking ask for. Statement with the Problem

Systems today manage fast especially in computer technologies. Fresh innovation and new technology are launched in different businesses globally with simply a fraction of a time. Programs are staying developed rapidly.

After researching all the data given by the owner and also the baker of Fatima's Bakery, the researchers discovered that setting up pastries being sold is absolutely not that easy. Factors such as competition in both selection and uniqueness of pastries add up to the process. In general, inconsistency in preparing standards, substances and types of procedures poses a fantastic problem. With undocumented business processes and procedures, making decisions can be of great challenge. Various other specific problems are as follows: The top baker sees it difficult in training and instructing fresh bakers concerning on how Fatima's Bakery truly does their practices. Additional expenses may be sustained due to waste materials of ingredients because of inconsistent baking. Inability to know option ingredients that can be used whenever there is certainly unavailability or perhaps insufficiency of primary elements. The company finds it difficult to keep an eye on their stocks and options, ingredients and tools. Standardization of the baking procedures and measurements is needed. The bakers find it difficult to make a decision pastry or bread they will bake in the absence of clear solutions. The head baker finds it hard to track every one of the recipes the fact that bakery provides. 1 . 2 . Objectives in the Study

1 ) 2 . 1 ) General Objective

The study centers mainly in providing info in...