Category AВ

Arsenic intoxication a fire would be easily learned by a crewmember while at his / her station and part of the inner compartment is easily easily obtainable in flight. Course BВ

There exists a separate permitted smoke detector or fireplace detector program to give warning at the initial or trip engineer train station. There is adequate access in flight to enable a crewmember to effectively reach any section of the compartment with all the contents of the hand flames extinguisher. When ever access procedures are being used, no hazardous amount of smoke, flames, or suppression agent can enter virtually any compartment occupied by the staff or passengers. There are way to control fresh air and drafts within the compartment. Class C

There is a distinct approved smoke detector or perhaps fire metal detector system to offer warning with the pilot or flight professional station. There is an permitted built-in fire extinguishing or perhaps suppression program controllable in the flight deck. There are means to exclude harmful quantities of smoke, fire, or suppression agent coming from any compartment occupied by crew or passengers. There are means to control ventilation and drafts within the compartment in order that the suppression agent used may control any kind of fire which may start within the compartment. Course E (allowed only on airplanes utilized strictly for carrying cargo) There exists a separate accepted smoke or perhaps fire metal detector system to provide warning on the pilot or flight industrial engineer station. There are means to shut off the ventilating airflow to, or within, the area, and the regulates for these means are accessible to the air travel crew in the crew inner compartment. There are methods to exclude dangerous quantities of smoke, flames, or malevolent gasses through the flight staff compartment. The required crew crisis exits happen to be accessible underneath any freight loading condition.