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Virgin Atlantic and Ryanair

This situatio examines two organisations that contain many similarities as well as a quantity of significant dissimilarities. The essential technology and devices behind every single organisation could be very similar, nevertheless the nature and elegance of supervision and its consequent impact on the way people doing work in these organisations think, feel and behave have formulated very different organisational cultures. So what on earth are the similarities and exactly what are the differences? The most obvious similarity is the fact both Virgin mobile Atlantic and Ryanair operate in the UK traveling air transportation industry. Both are relatively recent masterpieces and might be viewed as new entrants for the sector: Virgin's air transport business was founded by Rich Branson in 1984 and Michael O'Leary took over as Leader at Ryanair, a small Irish airline which had been founded as Guinness Peat Modern aviation in 85 (Creation, 2004). Both started out life in competition with major countrywide flag jar airlines (British Airways and Aer Lingus respectively) and grew to be significant challengers to established firms. As they grew, their scale of functions brought all of them into competition with a bigger number and range of flight companies operating from your UK: Branson's Virgin Ocean competes with a few major ALL OF US and other intercontinental companies such as American Flight companies and United Airlines; O'Leary competes with all the likes of Flybe and EasyJet inside the short-haul market. Both Branson, who was delivered in 1950, and O'Leary, who is a decade younger, will be individuals with solid and unique personalities, who have a relentless appetite intended for media existence and whom make extensive use of themselves in their repeated marketing communications. That they engage in advertising stunts, conveniently appear on the news media pertaining to stories regarding the industry, and their looks and personas are easily associated with their corporations.

Charting diverse courses There are, however , a few major variations. First, they will differ inside their choice of marketplaces. Virgin's air flow transport organization originated in the long-haul, largely transatlantic industry which might be very profitable although is also extremely competitive. Because the business grew, offshoots were founded as independent corporations; for instance, Virgin Blue in Australia and Virgin Express that has its hub in Brussels and provides European locations outside the UK and does not be competitive directly with Ryanair. Whizz air started as being a short-haul jar and has remained so , concentrating on European spots from a small volume of airports in the united kingdom and Eire. The two companies' competitive placement is also completely different. Ryanair established fact as 'The Low Cost Airline'; the first thing that hits you in its promotion material is definitely the price and this is very obviously the key of the business technique (Ryanair website). The 'no frills' way means just that: even the in-flight food is restricted to sandwiches and costs extra. Virgin, by contrast, draws in passengers by offering a superior experience and is strongly positioned on the quality end of the marketplace: Publicity materials emphasises comfort and style, and there is a range of in 1/4

Case Study Coursework


trip extras which in turn, even in the economy end of the range of prices, includes in-flight food and drinks and packs of 'amenities' just like flight clothes, eye colours and lip balm. Since was noted, both men love marketing stunts and frequently use humour in their community communications. Branson is usually cheerful and in creates which reveal fun and a desire to present close links with his personnel and popularity with employees, buyers and the public generally speaking. O'Leary is more likely to be pickled, critical and uses what might euphemistically be referred to as 'colourful' dialect in his open public statements. He seems to proper care little regarding public opinion of him as an individual and offers...

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Query: Using relevant leadership and organisational theory, explore the impact of efficiency features and external environment influences on the leadership and management designs and performance of Richard Branson and Michael jordan O'Leary. Critically evaluate the performance of their management approaches inside their specific framework with their certain set of ideal challenges. (1500 words) Concluding date: 1st April 2013, submit on StudyNet by 23. 31 UK period