Managing Consumer Value

Apple, L'Oreal & Ikea Example

This assignment is about three different circumstance studies pertaining to Apple L'Oreal and Ikea. Each member has performed study on their particular parts. It outlines how each corporation improves various kinds of marketing strategies to satisfy their buyers.

Group People:

Abdul Wasay IrfanTP021459

Arash SamimiTP020830

Reza ShalbafanTP029903

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Module Code BM028-3. 5-2

Module TitleManaging Buyer Value

LecturerDr. Benjamin Chan

Hand Out Date13th December 2012

Hand In Date06th February 2013

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Handling Customer Benefit

Apple, L'Oreal & Ikea Case Study

This kind of assignment is around three diverse case research for Apple L'Oreal and Ikea. Each member has performed research on their respective parts. It outlines how every organization enhances different types of marketing strategies to satisfy their very own consumers.

Group Members:

Abdul Wasay IrfanTP021459

Arash SamimiTP020830

Reza ShalbafanTP029903

Intake CodeUC2F1210E-BUS

Module Code BM028-3. 5-2

Module TitleManaging Customer Worth

LecturerDr. Benjamin Chan

Hand Out Date13th January 2012

Hand In Date06th March 2013

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Business Summary2

Issue 1, Component A (Apple)2












Portion B6

Problem 2 (L'Oreal)7

Part A Introduction7

What role possess target marketing7

Smart Acquisitions8

R& D9

Part B9

Indirect Exporting9

Joint Ventures10

L'Oreal BCG Matrix10


Question three or more (Ikea)12

Geographical Segmentation12

Demographic Segmentation13

Psychographic Segmentation13

Behavioral Segmentation15


Executive Summary

This project is about 3 different circumstance studies intended for Apple L'Oreal and Ikea. Each member inside the group offers performed analysis on their individual parts. It outlines just how each organization improves different types of marketing strategies to satisfy their buyers. Question you, Part A (Apple)


Marketing is a several and successful activities and strategies for businesses to making items available that satisfy customers. (Marry, 2013) If comes from to be successful, they should focus on conversation with buyers and delivering the products to them too. Marketers marketplace 10 main types of entities: products, services, incidents, experiences, folks, places, real estate, organizations, and ideas. (Kotler Keller, page27) The 12 main types of organizations

Goods: Very good is the factor that we are able to use and take in. Goods are produce coming from manufacturing, mining, agriculture and any work about creating the touchable product. Merchandise can be smelled, touched, stored, and also may be owned. Therefore for making revenue, companies should try to sell all their goods between higher amounts of consumers. Solutions: Services is actually a process or perhaps activity which is intangible and do not have physical existence. Service is certainly not tangible. Moreover, services may not be stored. Situations: It is took place sometimes the moment marketers want to advertise time-based occasions like company anniversaries, artistic performances or perhaps trade shows. It could be gathering many people around the other person to see the particular new product can be or within word the particular promotion is around, so it is a good way to show new products from businesses. Experiences: Encounter can be obtained from the involvement of experiment and events. It is usually related inside the education, family, job and everything. Individuals: Most of the firms expand their particular market by utilizing famous and celebrities. Designers, musicians, CEOs, physicians, high-profile lawyers and financiers, and other professionals almost all get help from superstar marketers. (Irving J. Rein, 2006) Locations: One of the most effective items pertaining to developing the marketing and getting the customers will be...

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