" Syllabus A paper is usually way too simple to pass and its particular level may hardly become compared with the level required for the AS-Use of English newspaper we take in Secondary several. The two years we now have in Secondary six and seven usually do not give us plenty of time to fill up the gap, " explained Zero And so Chi-ho, a secondary six college student in a Chinese language Medium of Instruction college. All college students who go to Secondary five in English Medium of Instruction universities take Syllabus B conventional paper in the English Language although not all college students in China Medium of Instruction educational institutions take the Syllabus A daily news in the The english language Language.

The Syllabus A students will be those who imagine their English is sluggish.

The difference between the two documents is obvious, Syllabus A paper is easier than Syllabus B. Though a transferring E level in Syllabus A is recognized as a failure inside the Syllabus B paper, it is already adequate to let a student study in secondary half a dozen.

A level C or perhaps above in the Syllabus A paper is equivalent to an Elizabeth grade inside the Syllabus W paper.

A new syllabus to get the English Language in 2007 changes the two syllabuses A & B and enable all learners regardless of their particular medium of instruction sit for the same examination.

Instead of levels, all applicants will receive an effect telling all of them a level gained. The highest level is a few and the lowest is 1 .

To be eligible for a Secondary 6 place, a student must have a good 2 in the English Terminology paper.

Grading equivalents towards the two old syllabuses haven’t been made crystal clear by the Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority.