Technology continues to be rapidly moving towards the contemporary world. The rapid growth of technology-based form of system affected the types of procedures of businesses, workgroups, organizations, and companies, not only in the private sector but as well in the public sector. One of the famous systems that are traditionally used until now by companies and institutions is definitely the integration of barcode technology in the applications used in the procedures and transactions being created by a organization. In 1981 the United States Office of Security В (DoD) adopted the utilization of Code 39 for tagging all items sold to the United States military. This method, LOGMARS, continues to be used by DoD and is extensively viewed as the catalyst to get widespread adoption of club coding in industrial applications. Bar coding technology is still widely used in different industries currently time. Malls and shops are still touching this type of technology making their very own transaction procedures faster, not merely these particular establishments have been underneath this technology but educational institutions as well. Having this kind of technology and getting in the field of pc science, primary must be how this particular type of technology will affect the procedures being created by a particular institution upon its execution. The investigator will concentrate primarily in the development of an application application because the study much more about system application participation in the procedures of a certain institution. The elements and factors that influence an establishment having a manual system to a automated or perhaps digital sort of system happen to be within the range of the study.