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Proper care with beliefs


P1-Describe how care ideals of solutions, using relevant examples. The five attention values are: respect, pride, safeguarding, privacy and personal centered approach. Admiration is because a set perceptions and behaviors displayed towards an individual or group which will demonstrate politeness and account. The initially example is usually when Mariyam opens the door for Mrs Smith and helps her in her wheelchair. The 2nd example is definitely when Mariyam apologise to Mrs Johnson for what Marieh had performed. Respect support an individual by knowing what respect is and know how you respect others. In the future it helps you will be talking later on to an adult. Dignity means the state or perhaps quality of being worthy of honour and esteem. The initial example is when Mariyam shows pride when preparing another tea intended for Mrs Cruz. The second example is once Mariyam explains to Mrs Jones that ‘I'd like you to feel free and tell me anything you like or perhaps dislike or perhaps if you have any concerns if you're more than, meet to speak to me'. Dignity supports an individual simply by knowing what dignity is and know how to use dignity in the foreseeable future. Safeguarding means that everybody is responsible for protecting children/ young people and adults against anything, which can be deemed to get undesirable. The first model is when Mariyam is definitely showing safeguarding by making Mrs Smith comfy. The second case in point is once Mariyam reveals safeguarding by simply cleaning the tea. The next example is when Marieh shows shielding by asking her if she requires help cutting. Safeguarding facilitates an individual by knowing what protecting is and know how to make use of safeguarding in the future. Confidentiality can be keeps anything private and never telling others. The example is when Mrs Jones tells the Nurse how she is feeling. Mrs Johnson says ‘ever since I've entered That stuff seriously the various other nurse can be giving us a bad attitude which makes me feel very unnecessary at this palace'. Confidentiality helps an...