I. Introduction4

1 . Innovation Principles background4

2 . The reason I selected this topic6

3. PTC Background6

2. PTC Current Business Strategy7

1 . Proper Goals7

2 . Current Strategy8

III. Creativity capability analysis for PTC9

1 . Analysis for current platform and service9

2 . Innovation brought form platform and services10

3. Concerns on current platform and service11

4. Proposed Development Opportunities12

Versus. Potential Risk of Proposal13

MIRE. Conclusion13

VII. Appendix14


This composition is an analysis and recommendation to get innovation capacities of PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation), a software company I dished up for prior 3 years. Every one of the analysis was based on the Six " Enduring” Rules created by professor Michael A. Cusumano from UBER Sloan University. I produced a thorough evaluation of PTC current program and services, which helped bring many advantages for its development, and give several proposals to its platform and companies to better meet its eco friendly innovation goals.

I. Intro

1 . Development Principles backdrop

Today is definitely an associated with innovation and commoditization. The innovation and renewal are crucial factors intended for companies upon all sectors to survive and thrive within the fierce competition since it is definitely difficult to receive competition advantages by doing a similar thing or with the same products. But , only is the creation innovation enough? How to find an effective way to keep sustainable innovation? The professor Michael A. Cusumano from MIT Sloan College brought all of us six " Enduring” rules on eco friendly innovations, which focus on system and providers rather than item. On his book " Stay Power”, the six rules (see Appendix 1 . ) was descripted as under: Principle 1: Platforms, Not only Products

In this principle, two types of system was described, one is the interior product system, which means a collection of common components or modules around which usually an organization can create a family of related products or service. Another is external industry platform, which is the network that can bring together several platform owner to create new products or solutions. The product system is useful to develop new product and services with the use of existing know-how and technology and industry-wide platform is useful to power a global environment and generate network results. Principle two: Services, Not merely Products

In this article the support means changed standardized goods into even more tailored service-like offerings as well as elevate product to become new service-delivery programs such as Search, Apple iTunes or some personnel like that. It is going to generate even more revenue or perhaps profits via maintenance and personalized services than via standardized goods. Principle several: Capabilities, Not merely Strategy

Base for the platform ecosystem (see Appendix 2 . ), which come type combination of platform, complements and network effects, the value shift from stand-alone products to industry-wide programs and different types of companies, which could provide deep capacities in technology and technology. They are key factors intended for companies to discover core expertise. Principle some: Pull, Don't Just Force

Strong network effects bring the platform will attract more costumers' eyes, which will so called move process. Rule 5: Opportunity, Not Just Level

With the progress the external platform, the scope from the platform covered should be widened and strengthened. Principle 6th: Flexibility, Not merely Efficiency

The innovation together with the platform and service is going to take flexibility into mind rather than productivity, because the transportability made the machine could easy to reuse. Which is important to save cost. 2 . The purpose We selected this kind of topic

There are two reasons to select this topic. This lecture focuses on the strategic problems faced by firms upon high-tech sectors, which I have worked in for six years as a application engineer. We am extremely familiar...