Zachary Johnson

Mentor Kwon

Final Project

Due 12/10/2012

Music Recording Contract

This contract (the " agreement”) effective inside the date of " 0/00/0000” BETWEEN:

Accurate Records


Artist one particular ______________

Specialist 2 ______________

Artist three or more ______________

Designer 4 ______________

Artist 5 ______________


A. The Designer is a professional unterhaltungskunstler and recording artist referred to as " Group” B. The corporation is in the business of producing Grasp Recordings, or causing these kinds of Master Recordings to be developed as well as manufacturing, distributing and selling information directly throughout the third parties of preference. C. The Artist would like the Company to produce Master Recordings of the Artist's performances and market these kinds of Master Songs. D. The business wishes to generate and market the Learn Recordings controlled by the following terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

1 . The definition of of this Contract starts during the initial length of " Place Date” during which the Specialist and the Business will cooperate to produce Expert Recordings well suited for the production in the Album or perhaps EP and will continue pertaining to twelve months following the delivery of the Master Saving to allow the Company time to produce, market and distribute the product in the Place. 2 . The business has the right to extend the word of Agreement after the Initial Contract Period on the same conditions in conditions as the Initial Contract Period. If the Firm fails to work out its option to renew an Optional Period the agreement will be regarded to be completed and satisfied. 3. With any additional alternative periods and extensions the Company will bring up these as periods known as additional " Terms


four. The company wants to Produce Master Recordings consisting of songs created and performed by the Artist. The resulting recording includes music of not less than 3 minutes in playing duration and definitely will consist of not less than 12 monitors, and will be of a...