п»їFestivals and get-togethers in Malaysia

Malaysia has a number of fests and celebrations, most of that are either spiritual or ethnical in beginning, and are swathed in practices and traditions. Malaysia. A country where one can knowledge a multitude of ethnical celebrations and festivals, as well as, and most significantly, good food(! ) month in month out. Almost every month of the year, tourists and locals equally immerse themselves in one celebration or another, thanks to the diverse cultural practices we certainly have. To help the foreign good friends have an improved overview of the festivities to look forward to when you visit Malaysia, and in addition for the main advantage of locals, this is a list of the monthly cultural celebrations and festivities Malaysia has to offer.

(Note: Some festivities may vary by year to year because they are based on tacha calendars. ) Thousands go to Batu Caves to participate in the Thaipusam Celebration. January


Celebrated by the Tamil community, the manifestation of Thaipusam is best witnessed at Batu Caves in Selangor, or in Penang. The jaw-dropping sight of devotees holding ornately furnished frames, better known as kavadis, would stick to you long after you've experienced it; this excellent festival are awarded to visitors delight. February

Oriental New Year

Recognized worldwide by Chinese to mark can be of the Beginning of the year in the Chinese lunar diary, the celebrations last to get 15 days. Anticipate fireworks, big cat dances, the prominence from the colour crimson, and open houses with scrumptious China meals! Chap Goh Mei, or the fifteenth night of Oriental New Year, symbolises the end from the festival. To indicate the Oriental version of Valentine's Day, young women inscribe messages or perhaps well-wishes about oranges and throw all of them into lakes or ponds. April

Very good Friday

Saved in churches to mark the " saddest day" in the Christian calendar, it is noticed in remembrance of Christs' Passion, crucifixation and death. For the Sunday that follows Good Friday, Easter On the is...