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Sustainability of the bed brands Auping, Lavital and Coco-mat Sharon Buis: 329681

Prinzip den Houdijker: 312827

Director: Femke VrenegoorModule: 1 & 2

Hand in date: eighteenth of January 2014

Stenden – Worldwide Hotel Supervision


The Netherlands

Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements of the level Program Bachelors of Organization Administration (Hotel Management) Stand of Contents

TOC \o " 1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc409379527 \h 31. Launch PAGEREF _Toc409379528 \h forty one. 1 Subject Description & Context PAGEREF _Toc409379529 \h 41. 2 Problem affirmation & Exploration questions PAGEREF _Toc409379530 \h 51. several Literature review PAGEREF _Toc409379532 \h sixty one. 4 Conceptual Model PAGEREF _Toc409379533 \h 102. Technique PAGEREF _Toc409379534 \h doze 2 . you Type of research…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 12 installment payments on your 2 Instrumentation PAGEREF _Toc409379535 \h 122. 3 Sampling PAGEREF _Toc409379536 \h 122. 4 Info collection PAGEREF _Toc409379537 \h 132. a few Data analysis PAGEREF _Toc409379538 \h 133. Results PAGEREF _Toc409379539 \h 144. Conversation PAGEREF _Toc409379541 \h 204. 1 Limits PAGEREF _Toc409379542 \h 224. 2 Advice PAGEREF _Toc409379543 \h 224. 3 Realization PAGEREF _Toc409379544 \h 245. References PAGEREF _Toc409379545 \h 26Appendix 1: Planning PAGEREF _Toc409379546 \h 28Appendix a couple of: Interview report PAGEREF _Toc409379547 \h 29Appendix 3: Analysis scratch sheets PAGEREF _Toc409379548 \h 30Appendix 4: Analysis tool; benefits of the understructure brands PAGEREF _Toc409379549 \h 34Appendix five: Overview Final Score about the durability of the three bed brands PAGEREF _Toc409379550 \h forty five Abstract

Research has shown that sustainability becomes more and more important in the hospitality. The aim of this kind of research is to know more regarding sustainability inside the hospitality and also to evaluate which in turn hotel manufacturer is the most eco friendly. Starting with studying sustainability and exactly how this can be implemented in the hospitality. Later on the three dimensions happen to be analyzed which indicators companies needs to take actions to become sustainable. Several bed brands are assessed about how eco friendly they are. This kind of research is aimed at the three foundation brands Auping, Lavital and Coco-mat. Study on their webpages and connection with the companies has been built to fill out the evaluation instrument and level them on the three proportions of sustainability. The outcomes has shown that Coco-mat is the most sustainable pickup bed brand. On the other hand Coco-mat did not score any kind of points within the profit dimension, because they are expensive whether Auping is very inexpensive, but report lower within the people and planet aspect. It can be deduce that is the selection of the customer to obtain a cheap bed with much less focus on the individuals and world dimension or perhaps an expensive pickup bed with a substantial focus on the people and entire world dimension. 1 ) Introduction

1 . you Topic Explanation & ContextNowadays, sustainability is actually a more important craze in the hospitality industry. Imagine paper squander, lights, but also the towels in the hotel rooms. The hotels could get certified by sustainable company, for example the green key or green globe, who works hard on environmentally friendly dimensions. In The Netherlands we have a gradual enhance of hotels. According to the Rabobank numbers and trends, Holland currently have around 3, 250 hotel rooms, with more than 115, 1000 hotel rooms, which has a total quantity of 240, 000 motel beds (Rabobank, 2014). In line with the better rest council, matrasses should be replaced every a few to 7 years, which means there exists a lot of squander, only for the hotel bedrooms (Mattress record, 2014). Reason The students possess chosen in this topic, because is an instructive subject for hotels and for durability. A understructure consisting of bedframe, matrasses, cushions and sheets is important for any hotel, mainly because guests wish to have a good night time...

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