Executive Summary

The recent progress in the luxurious car industry in India is much more than mere market dynamics in a particular car segment. It is just a reflection in the changing way of life of the affluent class in the area. Luxury car majors in India - Mercedes-Benz, AS BMW HYBRID and Audi put together include around 85% market share. The German car brand Mercedes had first-mover advantage mainly because it had began operations in India in 1995 and there was no direct competition in this category. So , this remained ‘Numero Uno' luxury car company in India for more than 10 years. But , marketplace dynamics possess changed considerably after the entrance of THE CAR in 2006 then Audi in 2007. After conducting a qualitative and quantitative research, the report on the revenue management of Mercedes-Benz on the lines of regaining the ‘Numero Uno' position; is definitely presented towards the reader helping him to derive maximum value through the research. The report includes every aspect of the marketing and sales process of Mercedes-Benz M-class by a local (Ahmedabad) dealer's standpoint. The areas covered in the statement are the job description, job profile, sales team requirement calculation, segmentation, product-market grid, item description, competitive analysis, online strategy, MIS statement, training file and budgetary systems and other financials. Luxury Car Marketplace in India at a glance

- Emerging styles in the industry just like players diversifying their giving, companies eyeing India as a manufacturing basic and Elevating number of stores - Elements driving development, Issues & Challenges

- Government Rules & Pursuits in Indian market

-- Major players

- Forecasts

Assumptions Produced

BMW Market Share

Mercedes Market Share

Audi Market Share

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