Recruitment at Freerichs KILOGRAM

Research report for the course: HRM

Group your five

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Table of Material


Executive summary4


1 . About Freerichs KG6

2 . Recruiting at Freerichs KG7

a few. Options intended for improvement8

several. 1 . Employing Students after Graduation8

several. 2 . Employing Foreigners8

three or more. 3. On the web applications8

3. 4. Specific area specialists8

4. Preparing schedule to get the recruitment process12

5. 1 . Build a Job Description12

4. 2 . Send out vacancies to newspapers and through online media13

4. 3. Analyse applications from potential candidates and invite them for an interview13

5. 4. Interview13

4. your five. Hire fresh employee(s)13

your five. Flexible employees file14

five. 1 . Change of income settings14

your five. 2 . Career of momentary staff14

your five. 3. Exchange of adaptable staff between companies15

a few. 4. Career of interns15

6. Conclusion16

7. Recommendations17

8. Bibliography18



" You are only as nice as your people" – This kind of statement plainly stipulates the value of people in different organization.

Freerichs KILOGRAM is a German born company that provides services in regards to heating, domestic plumbing and solar power systems. The HR supervisor of the organization, Philip Freerichs, is battling the recruiting of competent staff.

This report is the result of task management for the International Organization school, as part of the course Hrm in which students are asked to apply the information gained within this course. The purpose of this record is to present possible solutions and recommendations for the HOURS manager of Freerichs KG.

The initially part of the survey presents the methodology, here information is usually provided about the steps that really must be taken in order to gather necessary information.

After this, a description of the organization is given, including basic information about the profile of the company as well as structure, and then various options to get improvement. In this section, the advantages and disadvantages of four possible solutions for HOURS manager are presented and described, these are online applications, hiring people coming from abroad, hiring students and hiring consultant in certain areas.

Subsequently, the report involves the format and reason of the five steps in the recruitment process.

Another part of the survey contains the description and likelihood of using a lot of forms of flexible personnel data file by Freerichs KG.

Finally, from the final results of the main and supplementary data, the very best solutions will be drawn and recommended.

Business summary

The report available addresses a persons resources trouble identified for Freerichs KILOGRAM, this is a plumbing firm located in the northeast of Germany. Primary research via an interview together with the HR supervisor identified a concern which organisations around the recruiting of competent staff. At present, the company engages five persons for the day to day duties, but speculate if this trade become not able to work as a result of illness, and another worker is achieving the age of old age. For a while at this point, the company provides tried to get new workers, but with no success. From the effects of this primary research, the next research query could be recognized;

Just how should Freerichs KG transform its HUMAN RESOURCES practices to attract skilled workers?

Thus, the key objective of the report is usually to find out whether or not the current HR practices can be improved, or if you will discover other options offered to acquire experienced employees.

Through secondary info research numerous solutions could be identified, including the hiring of students, the recruitment of foreigners, the investment in online applications or the employing of experts in particular areas of the position.

Up coming to this, a planning schedule for the recruitment process gives further guidance to the HR manager, as this can be used as a guideline to find the most suitable individuals. This...

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