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21st Feb . 2013

Megan Stroud

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* Declaration1

* Introduction3

* Magazine 14

* Advertisement you

* Advertisement 2

5. Advertisement a few

* Advertisements 4

2. Magazine 26

* Ad 1

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* Conclusion8

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Task 1


In this job, I will explore and explain by means of a articles analysis 9 different creative concepts and the characteristics applied in 8 selected adverts found in two different mags. The two publications I have chosen are the " Farmers Weekly” from Oct 2012, plus the " Fairlady” from Feb 2013. I use selected the two of these magazines because they are very different from each other so to have different advertisements during my assignment.

Key Issue

The size of the research carried out is qualitive, as it aims to interpret and construct the qualitative facets of the advertisements communication encounter, the time dimensions is

Publication 1, " Farmers Weekly” 26 March 2012.

Mag 1 is a Farmers Every week from October 2012, the target audience may be the male farmers of all contests and age range in The southern part of Africa. Let me show the characteristic elements of four advertisements from the publication.

Advertisement 1 .

Advertisement 1 is perfect for " Farmtrac” the company that develops and sells vehicles to the agricultural sector. Attribute elements of this kind of advertisement will be: * It includes claims such as " First class technology for maximum productivity”, " Highly effective engine for exceptional drawing power”, " ADI* for low gas consumption” and " Convenience maximum driving a car ease & control” these claims happen to be backed up having a factual procedure with the promoters showing they own achieved the ISO 9000 standard licensed by the Dutch Counsel intended for Certification, plus they have accomplished the INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG 9001and the ISO/TS 16949 accredited by the TUV Management Service. 5. It contains a slogan " Nurturing those who nurture the Nation” 2. The bottom in the advertisement says that there are stores available throughout South Africa, In my opinion this is just one way of trying to start an action, demonstrating that there are dealerships never too much away that you can't come and see their center.

Advertisement a couple of

Advertisement 2, is a great advertisement for an ”MSD Animal Health” product line referred to as " AMITRAZ” this product series deals with cattle dips and preventative steps against clicks, and pests on cattle, goats, lamb, and ostriches. Characteristic aspects of this advertisements are: 5. This ad makes use of the manufacturer " AMITRAZ” which is a popular name in cattle farming for treating cattle infestations. * The advertisement uses the factual strategy by determining individual products in the product line and detailing what each system is and what each item can do for you (as the consumer). 5. It contains a slogan with all the last product " TAKTIC - Tried out... Tested... Trustworthy... ” * It comes with a evidence in that the item must be they have, and if it not you may phone a number - 0828051623

Advertisement 3.

Advertisements 3, is a " Santam Insurance” ad for their Farming division. This kind of insurance section is for maqui berry farmers who want to ensure their crops against robbery, and organic disasters. Characteristic elements of this advertisement happen to be: * The calculation headlining the advertisement, produces curiosity. The calculation reads 2000 000 x 5. 2g hailstones @...