Law Enforcement Today

Tylisa Dudley



In today's culture the Police Department's face a plethora of issues associated with protecting and serving in today society. Aside from the fact that there's always that fear at the back of their minds that they may not go home to their family. Police officers help to make that move to protect and serve, and with today's issues it leaves lots of people wondering who is going to protect and provide them. One of the many issues that Authorities Department's deal with today is trust, a lot of areas have lost faith in the law enforcement officials department because of the community sense as though they use excessive push, without examining the situation prior to exerting lethal force. The fact that there's not been justice for a number of police shootings and killings has had the communities within an uproar. Leaving a lot of the people today belonging to the communities being unsure of if law-enforcement is on the side or perhaps not. Law-enforcement agencies careers are to make certain that everyone is protected from any threat and injury. One way that local, express, and national law-enforcement agencies in certain safety is by interacting with the us Department of Homeland Reliability known as DHS. DHS mission is to strengthen preparedness within the national level with resilience against potential incidents, whether it is chemical, internet like the disorders from North Korea recently or terrorist attacks. The Department of Homeland Security is an agency that should have got Intel in any circumstance before you should occur. DHS should also possess ways of dealing with it once these dangers shell come up. The only way that DHS may do their job and do it effectively is if almost all law-enforcement organizations come together to stand in the machine. For example much of the drugs that are sold in the United States come from outside the United States, so the issue can be bigger than just local law enforcement. The local authorities need to advise DHS to enable them to combat the war on drugs. If the community police do not...