Strategy & Approval

Harry Lavenderpowerful, arrogant, smug, egotistical, sinister, ominous

" I wake up from this desire with the same coffin smile”

-Metaphor, Representation

Superhuman characteristics, the feeling that he is pure evil even as think of ghosts in coffins with wicked smiles brings about his distinctive voice.

" Every person living and breathing, and many that have been dead understood the identity of that tumor that went by the name of harry lavender” -Metaphor

Gives us the feeling that he was easy

And execrable

Claudia Valentines - 3rd party, tough, solid, intelligent, streets smart, observant, confident, amusing

" My spouse and i woke up felling like loss of life. Ironically suitable given the particular day held in store”. -Simile, Paradox

Shows she is living on the advantage close to loss of life

" one step closer to heaven was your crematorium"


Shows the witty area to Valentines

Hardboiled detectives are witty

" Martial arts had trained me more than just high kicks” p34

Reveals she is hard and 3rd party

" The deroes... started on their water breakfast”p2

Metaphor, seedy lower class, metropolitan setting, establishes the hardboiled setting.

The Setting/Sydney metropolis seedy,

" The floral shop was near Kinselas an elegant night spot that used to be considered a funeral parlour but where people now ate devilled kidneys and crumbed minds in the past chapel and afterward travelled upstairs pertaining to the show”.

-Juxtaposition of images

-to create the feeling of loss of life and to demonstrate that the city has its own character and unique voice, sickening connotations of people eating parts of the body in a memorial parlour. -A dark side to what used to become an innocent chapel. Thought of facades A setting to get a hardboiled investigator

- In spite of the elegant and respectable city there is a sickening grotesque aspect to this. " small triangle of threadbare green” pg2

Metaphor, used to establish the environment it's a city of concrete.