A short Petrarchan sonnet by William Wordsworth, " Greater london, 1802" is known as a poem filled with creative symbols that portray Wordsworth's focus on feeling and passion with natural morality and goodness. In the poem, Wordsworth's ideal vision of your life was that this individual believed anyone could participate in it, only when they placed effort in what they were doing. In " London, uk 1802, " he works on the dramatic sculpt combined with aggravation because he desires to stand coming from an ethical perspective but exert even more aesthetic affect rather than simply social effect.

" Birmingham, 1802" addresses of a useless man, Ruben Milton who had been once termed as a powerful poet who had superb influence to those who knew him. Wordsworth desires for Milton to be in at the moment in history to aid Great britain in all its struggles of mankind. Wordsworth feels Milton may somehow make any difference in the self-centered and disappointed people of England simply by raising all of them up in electrical power and independence. Milton could give Britain " …manners, virtue, flexibility, power. " The speaker admires the dead poet and areas him on this paramount placement because it seems as if his " …soul was like a Star…" with " …a voice whose appear was like the sea…" The speaker recognizes Milton as an individual who may enlighten England and correct all of that is underhanded.

Wordsworth uses his Petrarchan style to divide the octave into describing Great britain in its pitiful ways as well as the last six lines since describing the influential David Milton. The rhyme structure is ABBAABBA and BCCDBD. Along with the form of the sonnet, the emblems illustrate a feeling of all the establishments Wordsworth provides as dilemmas in England. The altar symbolizes religion, the sword is short for the army, the pen symbolizes literature, and the fireside implies the home, all of these has shed " …inward happiness. " In addition , Wordsworth uses a capitalized Star as well as the peaceful sea to represent Milton's convincing and potent traits that could save the dwindling Great britain society.

The short nevertheless powerful poem...