Lord in the Flies

1 . A. What stage of Kohlberg's Meaningful Reasoning do Ralph and Jack are most often at? How about the small boys?

The stage of Kohlberg's Moral Reasoning that I believe that Rob seem to be for would be the content conventional level, which would be stage 5 and a small amount of 6. Rob was matter about the entire group and wanted these to stick jointly and delay until they received rescue. The level that I believe Jack is at is the pre-convention level. Jack port increasingly gets cruel and wild toward the end. Making him take stage you because he wishes total electrical power and control. He punishes children and tortures they until they offer in to his power. The level that I imagine the fresh boys happen to be in is a pre-conventional and conventional level, level 1-3, because they boys are attempting to survive through doing that they have to obey the guidelines in order to avoid punishment. They are all relate there and so they have to tune in to each other and they elected an innovator, so they can be helping these people and also staying helped.

B. Depending on the level that Kohlberg felt that a majority of people reach, and based upon the various circumstances that cause people to improvement to specific levels, will you feel that the boys were above or below the level that most people reach? Kohlberg believed that a lot of individuals could only reach the conventional level. Most of the kids are under the level that many people reach. But then again these types of boys happen to be young and might be don't have the training to reach Kohlberg's expectation. So in my opinion the majority of the boys will be in the pre-conventional level. Rob is the only person that I do think that is over Kohlberg's expectation, because of the approach he was pondering. He was considering what could an adult perform in the situation and in addition worry about everyone as a group.

installment payments on your Ralph definitely seems to be demonstrating the application of one type of electricity, while Jack appears to be displaying the use of a diverse caterogy of electrical power. Describe....