Marketing of Logistics Services Term Paper about " A Study on Customer Perception about Professional Courier Services”

Under the guidance of:

Dr . Ch Venkataiah

SUBMITTED BY SIMPLY: P. Bhargav Nishanth 1226112139

Title of the study:

This kind of project is based on the topic ”A study on customer understanding about the professional courier services ". Introduction:

The Courier services in India have been growing considerably in recent years. This has led to the entry of many multinational courier company and consequently cut-throat competition. In the changing circumstance of modernization and elegance it is very important and essential to invent and implement better advertising plans in order to improve top quality of the companies. Thus advertising success largely depends on the ability to anticipate shopper's needs. Currently a great deal of awareness has been made in learning customer inclination. Professional courier is one of the leading courier services in India. The study can be undertaken to assess customer perception about the Professional courier services. The study concentrates buyer preference of Professional couriers as many of its opponents are offering related services and features to satisfy customer needs and desires. Need from the study

Client is the full in the market. How you can satisfy these people is a enormous problem for every business. In order to understand how customers could be satisfied, the need for the study occurs: * Just how well the consumer accept something and with reasons for the same. * What services are offered for the similar courier company so that the company too can offer in order to attract new clients and retain the existing kinds? * Just how it should be made famous.

* The right way to improve better service and satisfy customers.

* To analyze the competitors' share on the market and the placing they have built. * To be aware of how the Company Image impacts customers.

Target of the study:

Primary Objective:

To analyze the customer's perception regarding PROFESSIONAL COURIER. Secondary Aims:

* To ascertain if customers are pleased with the courier services along with pricing policy of the company. * To learn whether the clients will suggest the Professional Couriers in front of large audiences or not really. * To find out whether the consumers will book their estafette in future or perhaps not. 5. To know how the professional courier offer their services to differentiate from its competitor 2. To find out the issues in their services and suggest remedies to improve the same.

Restrictions of the examine

1 ) The research is conducted on a sample from the unknown inhabitants in Visakhapatanam. The effects obtained will not be an accurate portrayal. 2 . Simple statistics are used for the marge of data. 3. The study may not be used for upcoming applications because the population of Visakahapatanam is usually ever changing. 4. Human beings work artificially when they are targeted intended for marketing study. This could impact the accuracy from the project. five. To obtain advice about the role-played by various media in dispersing awareness regarding the services.

Research method

Study methodology may be the way to solve the research concerns systematically.

It talks about the various steps generally used by a researcher in studying research concerns along with the reasoning behind them. Exploration Approach

Researcher has followed survey method since the research strategy in this examine. Survey research is the best suited method for...

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