Marketing Program Worksheets(

Sources: Pride, T. M., Elliott, G., Rundle-Thiele, S., Waller, D., Publico, A. & Ferrell, Um. C. (2007). Marketing: key concepts and applications (2nd asia-pacific edition). Milton, Qld: John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd. (Text found in Marketing Basics BU1008)

These worksheets are created to assist you in publishing a formal advertising plan. Simply by answering the questions upon these worksheets, you will be able to arrange the information you collect of a company or organization. In addition , these worksheets will help make certain you do not leave out important information or parts of the marketing plan. Note that these worksheets are meant to become a flexible guideline that can be modified to the unique requirements of a particular marketing prepare.

A sample marketing plan can be obtained from Appendix one particular, Pride ainsi que al., 3 years ago, p. 475,

Since there is no a single best way to arrange a marketing prepare, this format should function as a starting point. Your instructor might provide you with a several format or ask that you just include more information not within this summarize. These worksheets are versatile enough to accommodate any improvements your trainer might make.

Advertising Plan Worksheets

I. Business Summary

The executive overview is a suite of the total marketing strategy. The business summary is simpler to write if you it previous, after you have crafted the entire promoting plan.

II. Situation Examination

A. The Marketing Environment

1 . Competitive Forces

a)Who are each of our major opponents as of today? Exactly what their pros and cons?

b)Who will tend to be our main competitors in the foreseeable future?

c)What response can we expect from our competition if we transform our promoting mix?

d)How does the composition of the sector affect competitive forces in the marketplace?

2 . Monetary Forces

a)What is the general economic current condition of the country, express, city, or local area? Will be our consumers optimistic or perhaps pessimistic regarding the economy?

b)What is the buying power of customers in our target market(s)?

c)What are the current spending habits of consumers within our target market(s)? Are buyers buying much less or more of your product and why?

three or more. Political Makes

a)Have new elections transformed the political landscape? What kind of industry controls do our newly selected politicians favour?

b)What is our company undertaking currently to keep up good contact with selected political representatives? Have these activities been effective? For what reason or why not?

4. Legal and Regulating Forces

a)What changes in government, state, or local government rules are being proposed that could affect the way we function?

5. Scientific Forces

a)What impact features changing technology had upon our concentrate on market(s)?

b)What technological changes will impact the way all of us operate or perhaps manufacture our products?

c)What technological alterations will impact the way we all conduct promoting activities?

d)Do any scientific advances jeopardize to make our product(s) obsolete?

6. Sociocultural Forces

a)How are society's demographics and values changing? What impact will these changes have got on the operations?

b)What is the general attitude of society about our market, company, and product(s)?

c)What consumer or environmental teams could intervene in the operations of our market or business?

d)What moral issues should we addresses?

B. SWOT Analysis


1 . Durability 1_________________________________________________________ a)How does this power affect the functions of the firm?

b)How performs this strength assist the company in meeting the needs of its target market(s)?

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