Tiger Woods: Previous Affairs, Present Decline, Foreseeable future in Question

The ambitions of Tiger Woods have both powered him right into a successful, star-studded athlete, yet also in great emotional pain and negative marketing on the globe stage. Woods' success came at a very young age, excelling in the sport of golfing, as he worked to improve his play through relentless goal and outstanding commitment (Bissinger). After successful numerous game titles on the PGA tour, having been seen simply by his supporters as a great affable, friendly, and wonderful athlete to whom was the ideal hero – unblemished by simply anything (Bissinger). As his successes started to be more and more noticeable due to his talents, his humbleness quickly lost impetus. This was exemplified as Woods' desires tweaked in a diverse direction once his several affairs had been publicized in December of 2009, leading to the divorce with his partner. Woods' saw how his victories created the foundation to his independent outlook within the world; his ambition molded his mind-boggling confidence in the abilities to complete anything he put his mind toward (World Entertainment News Network). Furthermore, his true motives clouded his vision and values – he lacked morality in the actions, fantastic ability to separate between correct and wrong deteriorated as time passes. His pleasure-seeking desires shrouded the possible consequences to his actions and toyed with fantasized imaginations of his upcoming. Woods was perceived as a genuine character, and was commercialized to be the best role model to his fans, and so they were still left betrayed after knowing of his true cynicisms, that were seen as related to " pop psychology” through which celebrities think empowered to achieve their wants whether morally correct or not (Bissinger). This is often noticed through all their publicized uses of drugs and also other various habits as aspirations has compromised their personal values and beliefs. In contrast, Woods had shown sincerity and emotional suffering after his scandals were...

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