Persona Analysis of John in " The Yellow Wallpaper” (1892)

Ruben is the typical Victorian spouse. He is authoritative, strict, mind of the household. He is a physician of " high standing”. He is very controlling and expects his wife to obey his requests which was quite normal intended for the time. He is a doctor nevertheless only knows physical illnesses. He simply cannot relate to any mental complications particularly as much as women are concerned. For him, it is a thing she will overcome, mind above matter: " You see this individual does not believe I am sick! ”

He requires how his wife needs to be treated and says your woman needs plenty of sleep and quiet. He forbids her from composing her thoughts down or from viewing anyone. We have the feeling this is more about him hiding her away rather than it becoming for her very own good. This individual shows zero empathy of how she is feeling and dismisses it as nervous depressive disorder or hysteria. He is incredibly stiff and buttoned up:

" Steve is practical inside the extreme. He has no persistence with trust, an intense fear of irrational belief, and this individual scoffs openly at any look at things not really be believed and seen and put down in figures. ” He's undoubtedly keen on his wife and really loves her in the own method. However , he treats her like a child or a family pet and views her while something vulnerable to be guarded: " This individual took me in his arms and called me a blessed little goose. ” He would not see her as an equal but as somebody who should look up to him, to become meek and mild and never to be taken significantly: " David laughs by me, naturally , but a single expects that in a marriage. ” Ruben is rather a cold character demonstrating no understanding or even attempting to understand his wife's health issues. He would not see it at the same time an illness but instead as her needing to pull herself jointly. He is practically fearful of any mention of mental illness and when your woman suggests her body is very well but not her mind this individual gives her " a stern reproachful look” and describes this as a " false and foolish fancy”. His excellent concern should be to keep his standing in world and does not need his...