Khaled Ramadan – 145823500

Planning Document #4


Role of Union

1) Goals pertaining to Union:

Earn as many details as possible.

Score at least 55 points.

Encourage a positive relation with the various other parties.

2) & 3) What are the difficulties in the future negotiation? Prioritize.

Issue 1-Employment rules: This can be the most important issue as any union presence will assist in preventing Harborco via introducing labor saving technology into the dock. Issue 2- Federal Financial loans: The job will be more likely to get started with analysis loan and there will be permanent success and stability in the project with the support. Concern 3- Market mix: This is also important as it can determine the amount of jobs that will be available Issue 4- Reimbursement to different Ports: Simply no compensation to other plug-ins could result in layoffs which should be avoided.

4) Understanding my passions

The Deepwater Port in seaborne is of high interest for the union mainly because it has the potential for creating innovative jobs. Therefore we need to ensure that we are included when it comes to the distribution of jobs simply by Harborco.

5) Understanding your restrictions and Alternatives (BATNA):

Resistance Point- score of 50

BATNA- Scoring 95 points

6) Defining Goals:

Work rules: Target= 42 points, Resistance= zero points

Government Loans: Target= 30 items, Resistance= zero points

Sector mix: Target= 20 factors, Resistance= 0 points

Compensation to other Ports: Target= eight points, Resistance= 0 details 7) Who are my personal constituents and what do they want me to complete?

The a few constituents will be Harborco, Other Ports, Governor, Environmental league and federal DCR. They will most likely desire me being reasonable and make trade-offs to keep everybody satisfied. The other get-togethers will most likely should also meet their target point.

8) Studying the other person


They will probably want to stick to their preliminary proposal for the FLA. The will however consent to do some...