Korean was the first company to introduce the 3DTV to Australia. That they released the first selection of 3DTVs completely. In relation to the merchandise life pattern of the Samsung 3DTVs we were holding at all their introduction stage. At this stage that they had just released this new product to their usual range of HDTVs (LED LCD's & Plasmas) and the 3DTV was a new product which did not have all the Exposure to the industry as their regular range did. At this advantages stage in the products life cycle, Samsung korea was making a damage with the 3DTVs. In the subsequent year leading up to the early several weeks of 2012, Samsung's 3DTVs are well away in the expansion stage. There has been a much better awareness of the 3DTV technology around the world and so at the expansion stage The samsung company is producing a profit from other range of 3DTV's. We expect that Samsung's 3DTV's will be in the maturity stage in the next 2to3 years and that there will be a much higher profit made out of the 3DTV's than their normal range of HDTV's.


Samsung's 3DTV's is going to face a large number of changes in the promoting mix during their lifestyle cycle. Inside the introduction stage the 3DTV's are a new technology and therefore are getting thrown in the market to be able to see if they come out good. In the Growth stage, the 3DTVs are already successful and so competing brands start to develop the same technology and begin to compete alongside Samsung. When ever Samsung actually reaches the Maturity stage from the products your life cycle then the market intended for the 3DTV's is just real competition. Samsung's 3DTV technology becomes only one brand of the 3DTV industry. At this Maturity stage, Samsung constantly competes with other brands on simple differences which make their merchandise stand out. When ever Samsung's 3DTV's become a area of the Decline stage they will need to either decrease its expenditure in the product, drop the product from its creation mix or perhaps change the product and desire that in enters a brand new growth...