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" Marketing Program of Grameen Phone”

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" Analysis of GrameenPhone”

(Marketing mix, SWOT & Rival Analysis)

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27 Aug 2012


Assistant Professor

Department of English


Subject: - Application for Report submitting on Analysis of Grameen Phone. Dear Madam

Our company is the students of " Business English” study course; here you want to present you record on " Analysis of Grameen Cellphone which includes advertising mix examination, Competitor evaluation & SWOT Analysis”. We are really valued by you for that this type of Report you gave us. To make this kind of Report all of us endeavor to adhere to your teaching and we also tried to evaluate Grameen Mobile phone, we want to which this sorts of Report may help us gathering preconception prior to entering our corporate life about primary Marketing procedures as well as organization. We hope that within a incredibly short time we enrich our Report in much depot knowledge with great loyalty. Thank you for the kind co-operation and period.

Sincerely yours,

(On behalf of Group)


In the beginning we would like to thanks our most ethical course tutor ….. who have cordially helped us to get ready the task quickly by giving healthy ideas about the topic. All of us also like expressing our heartiest gratitude for her valuable period, guideline, assistance and thought extended to us in preparing this Report. Were very thankful to her pertaining to giving us such a topic for function, which is very beneficial to expand our knowledge and tips and functional experiences. We wish to mention the fantastic support that we get got from our group members and other friends who may have shared their knowledge and experience regarding the required theme of the Report. There is plenty of knowledge we certainly have gathered throughout the making with this Report. Yet , it was a great opportunity for us to know about various kinds of understanding as many in the information about the subject was unidentified to us.

Executive Brief summary

As a industry leader, GrameenPhone is continuously coming up with fresh ideas regarding its products and services. Lately, the company is primarily focusing on the non-voice providers. Because, the company knows in near future, tone of voice based services will reach to the maturity stage which will make the business expansion constant to some extents. Therefore, the company is intending to maintain the primary position in non-voices providers as well like SMS, Push-Pull, and Information related providers at the early growing stage. These solutions are working as being a building block to boost GP's service value. Coming up with innovative assistance is easier than making members aware of providers. Hence through we have attempted to analyze the modern day situation from the cellular phone market in Bangladesh and GP's position there in, understand the services that Grameen telephone is at present providing to its respected customers & their pleasure level. 12-15 million people out of 140 million total citizen of Bangladesh are at present using cellphone; it means that out of every on the lookout for people is using mobile phone. In the under developed country like Bangladesh the number of users is usually amazing. Grameenphone holds practically 61% business of telecom industry that may be out of every 10 users 6 belongs to Grameenphone. So GrameenPhone marketing strategy ought to be " Successful growth & expanding market share through satisfying existing customers”. I have also made a comparative service analysis of various cellular phone firms in Bangladesh and driven some useful recommendation to GrameenPhone to be the market leader in future through this competitive industry.

An extensive study was conducted to learn about GP's marketing blend (7Ps), Rivals, Its Talents, Weaknesses, Opportunities...

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