п»ї1. Who wrote the song " Sare jahan se acha"?

Answer: Muhammad Iqbal

installment payments on your Who provide music to the song " Sare jahan se acha"?

Answer: Pandit Ravi Shankar

3. Which is the planets oldest media agency?

Solution: AFP (Agence France Presse)

4. What is the chemical substance name of Tear Gas?

Answer: Chloroacetophenone

5. Which can be the only hobby recognized by the United Nations? Solution: Ham Car radio

6. Precisely what is the national flower of Pakistan?

Solution: Jasmine

7. What is the scientific name of Cockroach?

Answer: Periplaneta americana

almost 8. What is the device of lustrous intensity?

Solution: Candela

being unfaithful. Who is the winner of 2012 Us open men's title?

Solution: Andy Murray

10. Who may be the victor of 2012 Us available women's subject?

Answer: Serena Williams

14. Which well-known writer is known as Father of Snow Golfing?

Answer: Rudyard Kipling

doze. How various Schedules are available in the Of india Constitution? Solution: 12

13. Which globe is known as Crimson planet?

Answer: Mars

18. Which Europe are segregated by Market Reef?

Solution: Finland and Sweden

15. That is the author of Panchtantra?

Solution: Vishnu Sharma

16. Which is the very coldest planet in solar system?

Answer: Neptune

seventeen. The Rourkela Steel Herb in Odisha was designed with the effort of _____? Answer: Australia

18. The Durgapur Metal Plant in West Bengal was designed with the effort of _____? Answer: The united kingdom

19. The Bhilai Metallic Plant in Chattisgarh was built with the collaboration of _____? Answer: Russia

20. That is the initially and only Muslim lady ever before to regulation the throne of Delhi? Answer: Redada Sultana

21 years old. Who made up the nationwide anthem of Bangladesh (Amar sona bangla)? Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

22. Who composed the publication Planned overall economy for India?

Answer: M. Visvesvaraya (He is known as dad of Indian planning, his birthday September 15 is definitely observed while Engineer's Working day in India )

3. Which is the oldest sports in the world?

Response: Archery ( It is the...