In Africa, there are many types of religious opinion systems. The brand new religions changed most of the cultural and classic practices with the people of Africa. A few consider this development as great, while others contemplate it as negative. Well, therefore, it is the main area of issue this dissertation to describe good and adverse impact of Christianity and Islam for the African Classic life. Many people have contended on the future of African Traditional Religion. With this essay, i possess gone even more to discuss with vivid examples how African Traditional Faith will can be found in the future. Among the positive impact of Christianity and Islam within the African Classic life is it gave the Africans the courage to fight oppression and domination by foreign rule. Mbiti, (1975: 191), argued that it was Christianity which will endorsed for these people their benefit of human being dignity and emphasised the love which should are present among all guys. Most regions of Africa was under the influence of overseas rule as a result most people were subjected to captivity. With the arriving of Christianity and Islam in Africa, the local people were given courage to fight oppression and dominance, superiority by foreign rules. Christianity and Islam introduced formal Education for the Africans. It includes also been contended by Snelson, (1945: 1), that it was the missionaries of Christian church who brought modern Education to Northern Rhodesia. Certainly as it have been pointed out by simply Snelson, (1945), most African societies had been illiterate. With all the introduction of formal Education, most Africans were at this point able to go through and create. This was an optimistic move in the lives of all Africans since it enabled those to express themselves with the foreigners. In accordance to Bourdillion, (1990: 285), ‘' in Africa, Christianity as presented by foreign missionaries provided a number of peripheral attraction to the indigenous persons. ‘' One such attraction was Education which will according to Bourdillion, (1990), provided both equally access to large salaries in white –collar work, and also access to governmental policies and power. Indeed this Education which the Africans attained from the missionaries enabled those to have more immediate economic assets, particularly offering assistance for the purchase of new technology in agriculture, and of different services, hostipal wards and various hearing organizations, a variety of pastime institutions and access to different forms of superior domestic technology. We can see that all these better technology and innovation efficiently changed the lives of Traditional life-style. Modern garments were introduced which made the Africans to appearance presentable contrary to the traditional gown style. Mbiti, (1969), also pointed out the contribution of Christianity towards Education in the indigenous persons. He remarked that the African Christians possess continued for making outstanding input to principal and secondary Education. The other impact of Christianity and Islam on the African Traditional a lot more in the healthcare industry. It has also been pointed out by Mbiti, (1969: 239), which the coming of Christianity and Islam The african continent, hospitals and medical companies were became available. Improved medicine to some diseases were introduced. Africans were able to access these medical companies. The lives of many Africans was superior. In support of this kind of view, Mbiti, (1969: 239), further explained –‘' The church also makes it is contribution inside the medical field, again pioneering this service in Africa and continuing to run hospitals and dispensaries. '' Despite the fact that classic Africa is rich in classic medicine, the development of hospitals and medical centres improved the standards of numerous Africans. The approaching of Christianity and Islam in Africa positively inspired the Africans in the area of trade. Trade system for the Africans was improved as they interacted with all the Moslem. Supporting this point, Bourdillon, (1990: 280), states, ‘'Islam has frequently been linked to...

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