Months by now, high school graduation students will be graduating and you will be entering a fresh chapter with their lives—college life. In line with this, the newly arriving college freshmen should have determined what program they should consume college. Unfortunately, senior students nowadays will be facing a situation on their college or university course inclination. This problem made the researcher execute a study about the factors that influence seniors' decision making in their college study course preference.

Information Technology, Nursing, and Hotel and Room Management are the usual courses which might be taken up by many people students due to popularity. Some are restricted by their parents' desire although some based their choice to one's mental capacity. Many are hindered by way of a family status and there are individuals who still go after their dreams. Some are undecided and finish up taking a program which does not fit these people.

The aged people are loaded with a pile of school works, their these, and fundamental accountancy. About weekends, several still find time to dedicate it using their friends in malls, pc shops, perform basketball or just dillydally in spite of their schedule while some use these days to examine their up coming lessons or prepare for their incoming thesis defense. These things made all of them forget that soon, they are leaving this school and in addition they need to select a course in order to find a university. They even missed to find courses and universities they could want to utilize to although instead they arrive applying for a training course they don't even just like.

The investigator desires to ensure that the seniors as well as the next batches in picking out what training course to take in school by identifying the factors that may influence them. The researcher wanted them to come with an easier approach to make a choice through presenting the respondents choices that will determine the factors influencing their very own college course preference. This might also help the guidance counselor...