п»їHello NMSC!!! To all the teachers, staff, NMSCians, good friends, ladies & gentlemen Very good day!

We am Rea Fe Ur. Legaspi a third year Details. Tech. pupil, am standing here in the front of you because I'm running to get the position of treasurer in the Student Substantial Council. Perhaps all of us may possibly already know exactly what a treasurer accurately does. A treasurer is basically the person responsible for the money. Therefore you guys could be pin the ears returning to this because I know everyone care about your dollars.

I would really like to tell you why I'm preciselysuitable for this position. To start with, I like math and not becoming proud to myself We am likewise quite great at math. I am an organized person. I bend to the rules, obey the rules all the time. In terms of money, We am very vigilant. If I have money in hand, I actually don't spend it all with out a cause since I know the value of money.

I'm a responsible student. Thisrelates in almost everything I do. I am a great colleague and am great and this makes me ideal because Need to work with various other SSCmembers. I actually respect othersidea andpropose my very own when Now i'm in a debate. I'll make an effort to bring modern ideas about ameeting trying to make every thing more efficient. All of us will bring about change. Actually, we're not trying to be a perfect SSCofficer, since no-one of us excellent, what I'm trying to say is We FB Party list really do want to enhance some things in this college.

In fact , I was thinking so why I joined this kind of circumstance which almost all we know that it really is another responsibility, another action to be done or in other words it's another problem to come across but you really know what guys the key purpose pushes me to achieve this, it is not regarding popularity or fame, I don't require those things most I want it isbecause I truly care about this school and also you guys " NMSCians”.  I have the truly great concern of this kind of institution in mind. You need representatives whom will require responsibility, which will make a positive change and how actually they value us – how our feelings or perhaps our thoughts on what...