Supersize Me personally – Video Questions

Amanda Cai

Food and Nutrition Period your five

1) How does McDonalds market their food to improve sales?

By smartly placing photographs and words and phrases, advertisements are manufactured in a way to convince all of us to blindly purchase the product without a second thought. It merely requires so happens that McDonalds the realms #1 junk food franchise is additionally one of the most seriously advertized fast food companies. Generally viewed video advertisements and product position to flawlessly photo shopped photos are just some examples of promoting methods widely used by multiple industries. Being a person who usually spends a lot of time on the net watching Vimeo videos or perhaps browsing, I have noticed a lot of adverts and some of those really was out to myself. I recollect McDonalds having multiple advertisements before the start of the YouTube hinting about their " all natural completely Canadian Beef”. Having this before a video encourages the viewer to counting to watch the advertising in order to begin to see the video that you just actually want to find. Another way B markets their foods is just by pictures with cleaver slogans or " very good deals” into it. Pictures of hamburger that take hours to prepare and " make” and even longer to Photoshop frequently appears in magazines and billboards are part of promoting tactics. The huge blown up photographs of fries found in the subway areas and on the large screens at Trafalgar sq . are all presently there to influence you to head to McDonalds and spend money. Also something simple as getting the golden curve appear in a show increase the revenue of Burger king.

2) How does Burger king specifically target children?

Since a child, I remember pleading my parents for taking me into a specific B which was twenty minuets from our house simply because there was a play place right now there. The colourful tunnel/jungle fitness center set allures children numerous to come in and purchase anything just thus they may go down the slide. Building these play places together with the giant signs are...