Term: 20121 – Session one particular -South Campus

August twenty-four, 2012–December 18, 2012

Broward county College

College or university Success Skills

SLS1501 – 1 College or university Credit

Course Syllabi

Professor: Doretha Dancy-PrattTerm: Land 20121 -Ref: #436744 Business office Location: Bldg. 71- Space 105Day: Thursday 2: 00 P. Meters. - 2: 50 P. M. Business office Phone: (954) 201-8986Class Position: TBA Bldg: 69 Area: 126 Email: [email protected] eduBC Emergency Hot Line (954) 201-4400 Office Several hours: 15 Min. Before/After School

Required Text and Support Materials:

Scholar Success & Career Advancement (Brief 6th Edition) Creator: Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, & Dorothy Lyman Kravits Publisher: Pearson

Broward College Catalog (available in Enrollment or online) Broward University student Handbook (available in Pupil Life) you Colored Folder, 24 Dividers, Pens, Pencils, Highlighter, Scantron Forms and Valid BC Student Email

Course Explanation:

This course was created primarily pertaining to freshman students. This course is an introduction to Broward College and assists students in coping with difficulties for college or university life, making clear their goals, learning strategies and expertise that will help them succeed in college, career, and your life.

Learning End result Results:

Right at the end of the session, students will be able to:

*Understand responsibility for creating an excellent college knowledge. *Connect with resources that support their academic, job and personal goals. *Demonstrate familiarity with college agencies, regulations, rules, and support services. *Develop a personal educational plan.

*Set, pursue, and achieve academics and personal desired goals.

*Manage period more efficiently to lower stress.

*Become more culturally competent

*Learn interaction and resolve conflicts strategies.

*Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills.

*Read a textbook with superior understanding and retention.

*Listen with knowledge, to a address.

*Take effective notes.

*Prepare for and take testing.

*Assess and improve general wellness behaviors.

*Explore job opportunities and latitudes.

Instructional Strategy:

Because of the interactive nature with this course, a number of instructional strategy will be used which include but not limited to: lectures, group discussions, group activities, guest speakers, pursuit activities, plus the use of laptop and world wide web functions: College students will have a chance to tap into their creativity to increase enrich learning.

Cell Phones:

Cell Phones and sending text messages are not allowed in class meaning I do not need to see your cell phones during class time. Make your family aware of your class period. You are not to become going in and out of sophistication to talk in your cell phone. If perhaps so , I am going to ask you to leave class and mark you absent.

Special note:

Your syllabus is a legal binding agreement between you and the instructor and may even be controlled by change.

School Policy:

Code of Execute: All college students should assessment and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct manual that is found at: http://www.broward.edu/PolicyAndProcedure/SupportingContent/Pol5.02_New_Format.pdf

Rules and regulations are located inside the handbook. You are in college. You'll certainly be treated and revered as the. Discipline danger is not tolerated. ANY self-discipline problem will probably be dealt with quickly and permanently. First an appointment will be organised with the professor. Second, if perhaps behavior goes on you will be known the Leader of Scholar Affairs. Third, if patterns in class is at the point of no control, security will probably be called to take out you through the class.


Realizing that college student success in college is largely dependant on participating in class, it can be imperative that you just make an effort to attend every class. On particular occasions, situations may arise such as sickness, family issues, childcare and unavoidable transport problems. In such instances it is your responsibility to make contact with the instructor. College students will...