п»ї" The final does not warrant the indicate " How much does it really imply...??? How you go about doing something happens to be as important as the things you end up performing. If you use against the law mean to complete a legal and desirable result, the good consequence does not make the bad means you utilized justifiable. " The ends don't warrant the means" is the traditional saying, and there is a lot of philosophical issue about how considerably this can move. The current issue is whether it truly is okay to torture a person if you finish up saving someones lives. The hypothetical nature of the inquiry and the skeptical causal assumptions (you will not have kept the lives otherwise, only torture would have worked, etc . ) the actual argument, in the event that you'll permit the pun, an extremely " tortured" one. the finish does not rationalize the means"? "

that is machievellian.. (the prince)... the finish justifies the means..

it is just ethical if the majority profits from the sacrifice of a few...... the finish only justifies the means when quitting of a few could save the many.... (like mister. spock when he gave up his life to save lots of the organization... lol).. " sacrifice of just one for the sake of the various.... is the reasonable thing to do"..

it is not validated if it is pertaining to selfish factors.... for revenge... for avarice and personal gain.... it has to be a conclusion based on selflessness and credibility.

you can use the theme " lesser with the evil".... occasionally choices have to be made in addition to to choose which can be the smaller wrong.... or would create less damage.

often, you have no choice. you are put in a situation that if you do not make a choice, then the decision will be made for you. in such a scenario, you choose no matter which will cause fewer evil, mayhem and havoc.

world leaders are always put in situations similar to this... and they have to make decisions even if they cannot fully consent because they are sometimes faced with unavoidable scenarios. precisely what is decided in times like this can be they choose whichever produces less injury.....

such is definitely the war in...