The Mats

by Francisco Arcellana

Some writers don't simply describe all their characters directly, but instead, they permit the readers to look for it out from the interactions and behaviors from the characters through the entire story. Francisco Arcellana's " The Mats” doesn't include a clear information of the character types, however , that allows your readers to imagine the characters' portraits and behaviour, and think their feelings as they look at the dialogues and discover unexpected specifics in the history. Arcellana manages the characterization of each of his characters through their dialogues, maintained the symbolism/illustration of the rugs and the use of the third person point of view.

" The Mats” includes several listenings which assists the readers to find out the actions and the feelings of the heroes. Similar to this, there have been also blood pressure measurements of the letters sent by simply Mr. Angeles, the main protagonist of the account, to his wife, Tata Emilia, during his homecoming. It browse, " I've just achieved a marvelous matweaver—a genuine artist—and I shall have got a surprise to get you… I know that the kids will be very delighted. I know you'll be. I can rarely wait to exhibit them to you” (1). The author doesn't refer to any explanation about Mister. Angeles' features in the tale, but in this letter readers know that he is a very adoring and patient father to his friends and family.

The story revolves around Mr. Angeles. He is the one that opens up the subject about his 3 lifeless children. He could be also one having the discord with himself, and dr. murphy is the center from the climax. The climax from the story is usually when he requirements, " Do you consider I'd forgotten? Do you think I had forgotten these people? Do you think I possibly could forget all of them? ” (4), and calls the names of the dead kids after experiencing his partner saying, " You know, Jaime, you failed to have to” (4). Through this dialogue, viewers know that he was so psychological that the concern must not be discussed. Here, as well, readers could find the concept of the the story: " No matter how agonizing it...