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Accurate Believer


For Rhett and Valerie Little, fantastic people, wonderful friends [pic]


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As always, Need to thank my wife, Cathy, on her support while writing this kind of novel. Everything that I'm able to do is because of her. I also have to thank my children as well: Miles, Thomas, Landon, Lexie, and Savannah. What can one say? I had been blessed as soon as that each of you came in my life and I'm proud of you most. Theresa Recreation area, my agent, deserves a long round of applause for any that she does personally. Congrats with your new agency—Park Literary Group (for whatever you aspiring copy writers out there). I'm honored to call up you my buddy. Jamie Raab, my manager, deserves my own thanks, not simply for the way in which she edits my novels, but for all the trust your woman places in me. I actually don't know wherever my job would have finished up without you, and I'm thankful for the generosity and kindness. Lewis Kirshbaum and Maureen Egen are good friends and fellow workers, and it's been my advantage to work with these people. They are simply the best at what they do. Denise DiNovi as well deserves my personal thanks, not merely for the films she is made from my own novels, nevertheless for those well-timed phone calls, which often brighten my own day. Thanks also to Howie Sanders and Sawzag Park, my personal agents for UTA, and also Richard Green at CAA. Lynn Harris and Indicate Johnson, whom helped to help make the Notebook in the wonderful film that it was, as well deserve my gratitude. Very good never losing your idea in the novel. Special because of Francis Greenburger as well. This individual knows why— and I are obligated to pay him one. And finally, thanks to those that work extremely hard behind the scenes and possess become just like family to me over the years: Emi Battaglia, Edna Farley, and Jennifer Romanello in the promotion department; Flag, who performed another great job while using cover; Scott Schwimer, my personal attorney; Harvey-Jane Kowal, Shannon O'Keefe, Jules Barer, and Peter McGuigan. I'm lucky to work with this kind of wonderful people. True Who trust



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Jeremy Marsh lay with the rest of the live facility audience, sense unusually obvious. He was one of only some men in attendance upon that mid-December afternoon. He'd dressed in dark, of course , and with his dark wavy hair, light blue eye, and fashionable stubble, he looked every bit the modern Yorker that he was. Although studying the guest onstage, he were able to surreptitiously view the appealing blonde 3 rows up. His career often demanded effective multitasking. He was a great investigative reporter in pursuit of a story, and the golden-haired was yet another member of the audience; still, the professional observer in him couldn't help noticing how attractive the girl looked in her halter top and jeans. Journalistically speaking, that may be. Clearing his mind, this individual tried to emphasis his interest on the guest again. This guy was over and above ridiculous. Inside the glare of television lamps, Jeremy believed the heart guide looked constipated as he claimed to hear voices coming from beyond the grave. He previously assumed a false intimacy, acting as if this individual were our brother or perhaps best friend, and it looked that the vast majority of the awestruck audience—including the attractive golden-haired and the woman the guests was addressing—considered him a great gift from bliss itself. Which usually made perception, Jeremy thought, since that was always where the misplaced loved ones wound up. Spirits from beyond the grave had been always surrounded by bright angelic light and enveloped in an aura of peace and tranquillity. By no means once acquired Jeremy heard of a heart guide channeling from the other, hotter place. A lost loved one hardly ever mentioned that he was staying roasted on the spit or perhaps boiled in a cauldron of motor oil, for instance. But Jeremy knew he was being negative. And besides, he had to...