п»їUnit 232 Move and position individuals in accordance with their very own plan of care.

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End result 1

Understand anatomy and physiology regarding moving and positioning people.

1-1 Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to the importance of accurate moving and positioning of individuals.

1-2 Explain the impact of specific circumstances on the accurate moving and positioning of people. Arthritis, stroke, swollen joints, painful joints, stiffness,

Result 2

Understand laws and arranged ways of functioning when going and placing individuals.

2-1 Describe just how legislation and agreed means of working have an effect on working procedures related to shifting and setting individuals.

2-2 Describe what health and safety factors should be taken into account once moving and positioning individuals and virtually any equipment used to do this. There are many health and protection factors that really must be taken into account when ever moving and positioning people. You should make sure the hoist is in full doing work order and charged up, make sure there is enough room/space, no wires or perhaps hazards. whenever using a slip sheet be mindful of epidermis tears. When using a bath lift make sure the power supply has been recharged and the ok is demonstrating.

End result 3

Be able to minimise risk before going and positioning individuals.

three to four Describe actions to take in relation to discovered risks Advise the office right away so they can strategy a risk assesment. also let a family member know about the risk.

3-5 Describe what action should be taken if the person's wishes turmoil with their strategy of proper care in relation to into the safety and the risk evaluation. Where a person indicates a choice that you or perhaps others may possibly consider as a risk you must utilise your assessment abilities to determine in the event there may be issues of potential or shielding. If not sure, consult with your range manager. Record...