п»їWhat do biologists do?

What do biologists do? Biologists study a lot of things. The three main things that they can do are that they hypothesis, they make observations, inferences and they record data.

Without hypothesizing, biologists can not test or make scientific laws. Being able to speculation is very important in the wonderful world of science. A lot of evidence i have, to prove that biologists hypothesis, are the activities we did in page 17 and in site 28. In page 17, in our laptop computer, we did an try things out on our fortune fish. In this test, we hypothesized what impacts the fish's movement. In page twenty eight, we performed the floral experiment with the partner, and in this research we hypothesized how we will keep the floral alive for the long timeframe. In quite a few experiments, hypothesizing and making ideas, helped us think of facts and statements about our tests.

Biologists also generate many inferences and observations. Being able to help to make observations and inferences support biologists notice and accumulate data and information to get the experiment. In class, all of us also produce observations and inferences. For example , the chicken dance video that we watched. The video involved birds moving to the conquer of tracks. The class observed the birds and asked questions on how the chicken was able to party to the conquer. Another example is the lot of money fish research in site 17. With this experiment we observed the fish and tried to figure out what makes the fish push. These findings that we produced in both trials helped all of us understand the triggers.

Saving data is also one of the many important matters that experts do. Documenting data will help biologists produce conclusions and reports of their experiments. In class, we also recorded data many times. In our flower test, in site 28 of our notebooks, we all make sure to record our info every day within the results of our flower. One other example, is definitely on page 18 in our notebooks. We would the seafood experiment and also...