" At last, he re is actually a book that provides thi h unde rrat ed skill the value it g ese rv es. " - A e New york city Times

" Thanks, Mister. Und erhill, for

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a at crazy. Now,

pl ease notify my wife! "

- Greg Gale.

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Paco U nd e rhill... fasc inating. "

-- Rocky Mounlain News (De nv er)

" Why We N uy is known as a

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retail c ounte 3rd there’s r. "

- Micha el

Gould. CEO,

Bl oo mingdale's

S raise Intended for

Paco Underhill


How come We Acquire

" The Dalai Lama said, 'Shopping is the art gallery o f the twentieth century. ' Paco Underhill explains why. Brilliantly. " - Faith Popcorn, author and Future Forecaster

" Why All of us Buy is advantageous as a. how to. for suppliers, b ut shoppers will quickly realize a Vance Packard to get our moments, on the path o farreneheit o your century's hidden persuaders. "

- Hardy Green, Organization Week

" For merchants, this book should be mandatory.... For the rest o farrenheit us, it's just plain fun. "

- Harvey Schachter, The Globe. and Mail (Toronto)

" No matter which point u f watch you're caused by, shopper o r shopkeeper, you'll find Underhill's tips tend to be funny, sometimes provocative, and almost always workable. " - The Hillcrest Union-Tribune

" What Underhill offers in this delightful and engrossing publication is a l rimer inside the science o f purchasing... T he effect um f reading this book i actually s big t hat to f getting alternately amused by entertaining stories and enlightened by trenchant findings. "

-- Newsday

" Underhill's method o farrenheit looking at the way you shop may well revolutionize the industry.... In this day um f weighty competition, advice from this m ook can give a store the edge required to survive.... This b ook prOvides an

exceptional method for retailers to examine their particular store space and look for what m ay draw buyers in, and w head wear may be causing them to keep without shopping for. "

- Teresa McUsic, Star-Telegram (Fort Worth)

" The g uru to f price tag consulting presents a wealth to f inSight into what makes an excellent shopping knowledge for both equally buyer and seller. " - Craig Ryan, The Oregonian

'1\ fascinating journey through the shopping center that will open your eyes to the psychology to f meters odern 3rd there’s r etailing-and especially to the fresh dynamics um f consumer shopping. "

- G. William Grey, The Tampa Tribune

" Ostensibly a small business b ook aimed at merchandisers, Why We all Buy will even appeal to consumers who want to understand the artwork o farrenheit shopping plus the science um f providing. "

- Justin Adams, MSNBC

" Paco Underhill is Mr holmes for retailers... This sleuth makes customers view stores with more important eyes. "

- Trish Donnally, S . fransisco Chronicle

'1\ remarkable business tool, a distillation um f all of the notes and tapes;

grouped together in a way that is useful, witty, and loving. "

- Keith H. HaI? monds, Quickly Company

'1\ readable, entertaining study um f the behavioral science o f shopping. "

- Adrienne Miller, Esquire

" Challenging for the two lovers and haters u f the overall game o farreneheit visual stimulation. " -Booklist

" This kind of lighthearted take a look at shopping is highly recommended to anyone who purchases o l sells. "

- Take advantage of McDonald, Amazon . com. com



Up-to-date a nd Revised n or the Internet,

the Global Consumer a nd Beyond

Paco Underhill



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